At River Drive Learning Center we are dedicated to giving each child the best
possible instruction. Our classes focus on each child's individual needs and we
design our courses based on these necessities. We provide classes that cover all
required topics to thoroughly prepare our students for a variety of demanding exams,
such as the SATs/ACT, the Bergen Academy acceptance exam, NJ public exams,
and commonplace school exams. We also help children explore the arts of
mathematics and enhance their logic skills. Our English classes help the students
improve their written, spoken, and comprehensive skills which help not only on
standerdized but in many career and life situations as well. We provide classes in all
other academic subjects as well, such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish
language and more.

All of our teachers are experienced, licensed instructors in public and private
schools. We have students that range in age and levels from elementary school to
high school. All of our students are placed into groups based on their skill levels and
age. If you are looking to prepare your child for future examinations, enhance their
academic skills, or simply provide them with an academic challenge and some
stimulating knowledge, River Drive Learning Center is the place for you!
Our Mission
River Drive
Learning Center